The Soaring Club of Tasmania (Gliding Tasmania), has moved.


Tunbridge airfield is now open for gliding.


We have restarted operations at the nearby Tunbridge airfield and will be flying every weekend weather permitting.


Support Gliding in Tasmania

The Soaring Club of Tasmania (Gliding Tasmania) is the only gliding club currently operating within Tasmania. The club’s role is to facilitate all activities of […]
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Thank you

The Soaring Club of Tasmania has moved from Woodbury Airfield to its new home at Tunbridge Airfield. This has been made possible by a great […]
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Christmas gift idea

Looking for a different Christmas gift for a loved one, family member or even a friend why not consider a Gift Voucher for a flight […]
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Development approval

Gliding Tasmania has now received development approval to build and use new facilities at the Tunbridge Airfield (see location for updated map). All of our […]
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