The Soaring Club of Tasmania (Gliding Tasmania), has moved.


Tunbridge airfield is now open for gliding.

We have restarted operations at the nearby Tunbridge airfield.

Updates will be posted here or follow our Facebook page for further details.

Due to changes in agriculture at the Woodbury gliding airfield, the Soaring Club of Tasmania has relocated to the nearby Tunbridge Airfield and has commenced operations in October 2019.

As we are unlikely to secure any grants for a hangar, we will be fundraising and be asking for tax-deductible donations to be made as soon as possible to the Australian Sports Foundation to help with the hanger and relocation expenses.

Any donations will be greatly received and are tax deductible when processed through the Australian Sports Foundation. We need your help this financial year so we can complete the move and rebuild our facilities. If anyone would like to Donate or provide some help with relocation or would like further information, please contact Stephanie Hey on mobile: 0408 535 744

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help cover expenses. 


$46,736 raised from 15 donations so far


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